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Epoxy primer is applied before antifouling

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Step 6 - Paint

Once the boat has been faired, the waterline is carefully taped and 2 coats of epoxy-based primer are hand rolled onto the hull. The epoxy primer helps to provide a barrier protection against osmosis and also fills any pin holes in the fairing product.

Between the first and second coat, the hull is carefully inspected for any areas that may require additional spot fills. The first coat of primer is left to cure over night and sanded to ensure a good key. A further 2 undercoats are rolled on and allowed to tack before an antifoul of your choice is applied along with zincs and PropSpeed.

Congratulations, you're osmosis has been removed, the hull is protected from future contamination, and your vessel is ready to launch!

  "From the initial diagnosis to Dream Time's relaunch, the Osmosis Solutions team not only fully restored our 30-year old hull to better than new condition, and took the time to explain each stage of the process, but their professionalism, support and care throughout the entire project was both reassuring and comforting. We knew our home was in good hands."
Neville Hockley
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