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Step two: The drying process is dramatically improved with the HotVac system

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Step 2 - Dry

After planing, the boat is thoroughly washed with fresh water to remove any salt crystals or moisture on the surface, and the vessel is carefully inspected for any additional areas that may require further attention. A sophisticated moisture meter, which allows us to take readings from
just below the surface to deep into the laminate, helps us to identify areas that require further drying, which is essential before new glass is applied. The excessive wet areas are mapped out on the boat, and the Hot Vac system, which uses a hot blanket and vacuum, vaporises impurities and moisture from the hull, which is a vital step - not only to achieve post curing, but also helping to reduce drying time to just days rather than weeks or even months. Hot Vac blankets hug the hull, forming an air tight seal which can be applied to any hull profile. The adjustable controls allow us to alter the temperature to suit your hull construction.

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